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Painting Betrayal -Bleiburg
Painting Slaughterhouse -Bleiburg

A bitter-sweet painting - May 1945 and World War II had ended. Spring was in the air but for the independent State of Croatia it was a death knell. It ha wanted to join the democratic countries of the West but it was going to have to wait until 1995 to finally re-gain its independence.  

This painting depicts the result of the betrayal at Bleiburg, Austria, Marshall Broz Tito, who is responsible for the tragedy that eventuated, symbolically stands at a pit, against a background of Zagreb's main features. Tito's colleague is quoted as saying: "They had to die, so Yugoslavia could exist."

Limited Edition prints are available - size 400mm x 500mm

ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS (6ft x 5ft): Expressions of interest from potential patrons are welcome 

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