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 A page-turning novel of love and war, survival and starting anew,

Dubrovnik My Love is based on a true story.



 Embittered by Tito’s communist dictatorship that enslaved his country after World War II, Gašpar is compelled to risk his life by escaping across the Adriatic to the ‘West’.


 In his search for a better future in a stable country his attempts to escape Yugoslavia are thwarted at every turn. When his last attempt almost fails he is plucked from a watery grave to find sanctuary in Italy where he encounters romance, but also deep frustration. He migrates to Australia but cannot escape the Yugoslav Secret Agents – or the ghost of Tito when Yugoslavia blows apart and his beloved Dubrovnik is bombed.

‘I really enjoyed reading Dubrovnik My Love. It is an amazing story of survival and determination, packed with historical detail.’

Joan Rosier-Jones, Honarary President of the NZ Society of Authors

This book is a unique exposé of the mass migration from Yugoslavia in the 1950s. More than a million young men fled from Tito’s brutal dictatorship, responsible for over a million deaths but successfully portrayed to the world as an “idyllic” regime. Based on true happenings it tells the story of one such émigré.’

Tom Beram, President Croatian Inter-Committee Council, NSW. Recipient Centenerary Medal 2003 and Pride of Australia Medal 2006.

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